How To Setup TP Link Archer C7 Router? (Beginner’s Guide)

TP Link Archer C7 is one of the best routers available out there. The router offers you great wifi connectivity and comes with some of the great features such as file and printer sharing, and so on. And in case if you have brought the TP link Archer C7 for your home or office use. Then you might be thinking, how to setup tp link archer c7?

If you do, then I am here to help you out. In this article, I am going to guide you TP Link Router setup guide for the Archer C7 router.

So let’s just head into the topic without wasting much of the time:

Some Info You Should Be Aware Of

Before you go ahead and configure your TP link router, there is some information that you should be aware of. This information’s are:

Wireless Name:

The first thing is the wireless name. Your wireless network will require a name that you will be used to identify your network from other wireless networks. You can add any name as the Wireless name. Such as Sam’s WiFi, Home Wifi or anything.

Wireless Password:

Apart from the wireless name, you also have to set up a wireless password, which will help you to protect your network from third party users. You can create whatever password you wish to. Just make sure that the password is strong enough to keep away third party users or hackers. Also, you can easily change Wifi Password for TP Link router.

Wireless Channel:

Choosing a WiFi channel is not really a simple task, and it depends on what kind of network you are using. So I would recommend you to read about WiFi channels before making any choices.


Finally, you will need to choose a type of encryption for your router. For this, you can consider going for the WPA2 for your network encryptions.

How To Setup TP Link Archer C7?

Step 1: Login To TP Link Archer C7 Router

The first step is to login to your TP Link Archer C7 router to start configuring it. So make sure you have connected the LAN Cable to your Router and your PC and powered on the Router and your PC.

After that, go to the tplinklogin page and enter the Router’s username and password to login. The username and password for your Router should be “admin”. For more details, you can look at the bottom panel of your Router.

Step 2: Use Quick Setup To Setup TP-Link Archer C7

Once you are done logging into your TP link router, then you should get to see this below screen:

tp link archer c7 installation

Now from the left sidebar menu, you should see the Quick Setup option under the basic settings. Simply click on it to start configuring your TP Link Router. Also, from the Quick Setup page, click on the Next button.

archer c7 router setup

Step 3: Select WAN Connection Type

Now on this page, you will get to see multiple WAN connection types, like PPoE, Dynamic IP, Static IP, and so on.

However, now it is a bit complicated thing over here. In case if, your ISP or Internet Service provider has given you any IP address, then you will need to choose the Dynamic IP option.

tp-link archer c7 ac1750 setup

But if you don’t have an IP address offered by your ISP, then choose the auto-detect option and hit the next button.

Step 4: Setup Wireless

On the next step, you will need to set up the wireless or WiFi settings. So you can completely disable or enable Wireless feature according to your needs.

Also, you can setup an SSID, select your region, and so on. However, to set up a wireless password you will need to select the WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK option under Wireless Security and enter your PSK password.

archer c7 setup

After that, click on the next button to save all the changes.

Step 5: Reboot your router

Once you are done setting up your router, simply hit the reboot button to reboot your router. And your router will make all the changes.

tp link archer c7 setup

After that, you can try connecting to the WiFi connection and see if the router is working fine for you or not.

Final Words:

So that was all for your question about how to setup TP Link Archer C7. Now go ahead and try the steps out and try to configure your router. In case if you entered any sort of wrong details or anything, then you can reset TP Link AC1750 router. Anyway, for any other questions, do comment below. 

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